02/17-19/18 ACRE Philly: Philadelphia, PA

03/17-19/18 New England Made Spring: Portland, ME

04/13-15/18 Art City Austin Fine Arts Fest: Austin, TX

04/21-22/18 Arlington Festival of the Arts: Arlington, VA

05/5-6/18 Brewster In Bloom: Brewster, MA

05/18-20/18 Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival: Reston, VA

06/02-03/18 Art at Ives: Danbury, CT

06/08-10/18 Columbus Arts Festival: Columbus, OH

06/16-18/18 Gold Coast Art Fair: Chicago, IL

07/13-15/18 Guilford Craft Expo 2018: Guilford, CT

07/19-22/18 Ann Arbor Art Fair-State Street District: Ann Arbor, MI

08/04-05/18 Art at the Glen Town Center: Glenview, IL

08/17-19/18 Chatham Festival of the Arts: Chatham, MA

08/25-26/18 Port Clinton Art Festival:  Highland Park, IL

10/05-07/18 St. James Court Art Show: Louisville, KY

Stay tuned! More to be announced.